Nikon FM10 camera body - works but in very rough conditon - As-Is, Parts/Repair

$ 15.00

A Nikon FM10 camera body in very poor shape - but functional.

The Nikon FM10 is a very light, plastic bodied, manual exposure Nikon camera. It's in VERY rough shape - please see the photos. The black rubberized covering is sticky. The rewind crank does not return on its own and has to be pushed back. Foam light seals and mirror bumper have not recently replaced. I haven't tested the camera with a flash.

The light meter and the camera's other functions seem to work. But a test roll I ran through the camera a couple of years ago had horizontal scratches, which I've seen frequently on cameras like this that were manufactured by Cosina.

The camera is sold as a parts camera, AS/IS, with no guarantee of functionality and no returns.

Battery not included.

Disclaimer and Return Policy

Some vintage camera lenses were manufactured with thorium, which makes them slightly radioactive. Unless otherwise noted in the item description, to the best of our knowledge, the lenses sold through this store were not made with thorium. But since manufacturers have not released comprehensive lists of lenses with thorium, we cannot guarantee any lenses are thorium free. Customers should educate themselves and make their own decisions before purchasing. 

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